backyard hive down

vundril(8 a Dallas TX)July 27, 2009

I have had a hive of bee's living almost continuously in my backyard tree for five years.They immediately moved into a screech owl house years I put up and I have been a fan ever since.

Unfortunately, the rain today and the heavy population of bee's in and around the wooden box brought it down.It is busted open and laying, full of comb and bees, in my backyard.

I have no equipment and never attempted to harvest honey.

I need to remove them (of course would prefer to build new box and return them to tree.)

Any suggestions of who to call for live removal. Or how I might handle this myself?

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Ideally you should get in touch with a local beekeeper but I know that may be hard to do and time is a factor.
What I have done in these situations is to gather all of the comb together in an empty hive body (the standard white box without the frames inside) and then place a hive body complete with frames over it. Make sure that you get all of the combs containing brood in the bottom box. Keep some honey for yourself... It makes it all worthwhile.
The bees won't leave their brood behind so they will stay in the bottom box until they build up into the top hive body at which point you would remove the bottom box and have yourself a new hive of bees.

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