Will yellow jackets attack at night?

aachenelf z5 MplsJuly 24, 2007

Here's my situation:

I was stung a couple of weeks ago when attempting to turn my compost pile. I had a very bad reaction to the sting and simply can't take the chance of having another one. I'm not sure if the wasps have a nest in the compost pile or just got upset because I was messing around it. I didn't see a larger than normal number of the beasts around the pile, so maybe it's only a food source for them.

In any case, I REALLY want to turn my compost pile. What would happen if I did this at night? There's enough moonlight and light from streetlamps to work with, but would the wasps fly and sting at that time if disturbed? If there's even the slightest chance they would, I'll just have to wait until late this fall when I know they're mostly dead.


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If there is a nest in the compost pile and you disturb it the bees won't be too happy no matter what time of day or night you do it. I would try to observe the compost pile closely from a safe distance. a zoom camera lens or low power binoculars work nicely and see if they are feeding on something in the pile or actually coming and going as a hive would do, then go from there. If bees are just foraging there on the compost during the day, and there isn't a nest there it should be safe to turn at night.

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

Thanks Tony. Will do.


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