Bees from an old hive to a new hive

jrrottenJuly 8, 2009

About 2 weeks ago I caught a swarm of honeybees, I placed them in an old hive I had,but the bottom board is attached to the body. I now have a new hive and wish to move them to it.

I know I should wait another couple weeks, but I am new to beekeeping. The bees seem to be calm and happy, but the swarm was as big as a basket ball. I have them in a 10 frame hive and it seems they are crowded. I really don't want to keep them in the old hive as it was setting around for unknown yrs. I think, if I wait 'til evening and move the frames with the bees on them to the new hive and simply pour the remaining bees into the new hive, this should work. If anyone knows a better way, I could use the knowledge.

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Just set the new hive where the old one is and put the frames in the new hive, you can shake the rest of the bees in or set the old hive close and all the ramaning bees will go to where the queen and their sisters are.

If the hive is as crowded as you say you should put the second box on too, swarms draw wax real fast so you can use new foundation in the second box.

Welcome to the hobby (adction)and have fun!!!!!

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Thanks to honeyman46408!! Yes, I plan to set-up new hive with 2 deep supers and when that is crowded I am placing the queen excluder and a shallow super. The new hive is all polystyrene with mite screen at bottom. Thanks again!

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