losmanJuly 23, 2013

When I rang her door bell on our first date, I had my amor-yllis in my arms and ready to greet her with its new buds! I had no idea this plant would live through 4 years of courting and blooming on nearly every anniversary. This year I proposed and she said yes! The Hipster reacted like the Spanish word 'Prometido' (Spanish for engaged). A new blossom soon flowered a few weeks later. Then again the week of our wedding we were surprised to see the second flowering 4 months after the engagement. This time new leaf shoots came out of its perimeter.
The question: should I break off these shoots and plant them? Should I leave it alone and re-pot entire plant with "babies" in a bigger container ( it is in a 8" pot now).

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Repot the mother and offsets in a larger pot. Let the offsets grow until they have a well-established root system of their own. Doesn't hurt to keep them together.

What hybrid is this special bulb?
Nice story!

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I agree with Kristi, keep the family together until the offset bulbs have some size to them (golf ball ) and by that size they should some established roots of their own.

This is a special bulb to you and your sweetheart indeed! With some TLC it will last as long as your marriage! Good Luck with both!!


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Thanks to Kristi and Donna for the quick replies!
The bulb is a Gilmar. I hope it lasts a good long time! I will repot the whole family until it is time to devide. Thank you both!

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No wonder you love it!! Gilmar is a beauty, I've never been able to fine one for myself!

Royal Colors has a new variety called Barbatos which looks pretty close, I may have to try one...


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Awww...such a sweet Amor story.
I loved my Gilmar!!! It is robust, fertile and a performer.
Unfortunately I had to include it in my "amaryllis mass execution" a few years back. :-(

Gilmar I in 2008

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