Newbie: Should I Bother??

julia_123(zone5/Indiana)July 5, 2005

I have been curious about beekeeping for a long time. I am interested in having a few bees, just enough to provide honey for up to 4 people on a regular basis. I'm getting "Beekeeping for Dummies" from the library, but I thought I'd ask the experts here. :) Do some people just have "a few bees" or after the cost of equipment (whatever that is!) and care for bees, it is sort of ridiculous to "just have a few" because you've spent so much money? Or maybe it's not expensive? I had kind of envisioned a couple of beehives in my back yard and me pulling dripping honeycombs out every day, but keep in mind, I know NOTHING about beekeeping. :) Thank you!!

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There are plenty of beekeepers who keep just a couple hives. I'd guess most of the beekeepers I know locally have less than 20 hives. Like many hobbies, the costs will be greater than what you produce (honey), at least at first. But it's not terribly expensive as a hobbies go. The starter kit (see the link) runs around $300, which includes just about everything you need to start, minus the bees. Add bees and a 2nd hive (I'd always recommend 2 hives minimum), and you could be talking $600.

But there are lots of ways to save money. A full suit isn't necessary (a veil, jeans and a white oversize long sleeve shirt will do.), assembling the hive parts yourself will save money and shipping costs (only a hammer and glue is really needed for this), etc. Finding a local distributor or beekeeper with new or used equipment could help even more.

Here is a link that might be useful: starter kit

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Oh, I'm really excited!!! Thanks for the information! Maybe I will try to find some central Indiana beekeepers to see if I can "observe" for a while. :)

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ccrb1(z5 IND)



Here is a link that might be useful: click here

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