bee hive strictly for bee home

corrumpuJuly 13, 2009

Is it possible to build (say a top bar hive) a hive and just allow bees to live in it? Give them a proper site to live and the right berth and just let them go. I don't really want to harvest honey etc. I just want to get more bees in my area (for gardening) and allow them a spot to live.

I have mason bee houses (i think i live in the only spot in NA that has no mason bees (northwest florida))

My bumble bee house lays dormant. Maybe a cedar block for carpenter bees?


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yes, it is very possible. In fact alot of people do just that. Your bees may die out but in a good swarm year a swarm will move back in and replenish the hive.
The problem that you will have in your area is africanized bees, which wave invaded Florida. You will need to become some what of a beekeeper to handle them and make sure that you don't create a safe haven for dangerous bees.

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