Vine that can co-habitate with bamboo??

dngxl5October 1, 2007

I am trying to find out information about vines that can co-habitate with bamboo.

There use to be a nursery in San Francisco called Potrero Hill Nursery whose owner very affectively planted a vine with the bamboo which then trellised the bamboo adding thickness to it and giving it a very interesting tropical appearance.

Any idea what he may have been using? Can't find anything on the internet and the above mentioned nursery has been gone for some years now.



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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

"very affectively planted a vine with the bamboo"

Hard to imagine. any pics?

We have a vine in TX that is very _e_ffectively covering a heart-breaking amount of landscape and trees and utility poles, but I wouldn't want it covering my bamboo.

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Excuse me, "very effectively planted vine with bamboo" (F for the day for me)
No pics, although I wish I had some

The vine/bamboo combination looked fantastic, I would worry a bit about it choking off the light for the bamboo but had such a full appearance. Living in San Francisco makes bamboo a little ratty looking sometimes so this would help.

Guessing this was a rare application since I can't find anything step is for me to go to a botanical garden and see if I can find a specialist.

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A vine would probably have to be pruned/trimmed each season after it gets establihed, to keep it from totally blocking out light to the bamboo and slowing it's growth.

We have grapevine growing in the bamboo that grows wild along a creek here and it does not choke out the bamboo to the point where it dies, but it does keep it from getting really thick/dense, but the vine makes up for that.

It dies back in the Winter, though.

There are a few bamboos that are vining bamboos. They grow up into trees and tufts of leaves hang down from the vine.

Maybe you could plant a vining bamboo among the upright bamboo;)


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I have placed pathos with my bamboo stalks in water and they not look good, but the pathos & LB are thriving....i placed my pathos in water when the plants were attacked by fungus gnats, one of the pathos branch is curling around the this the type of arrangement what you are looking for?

p.s. even though the water level is pretty high, this has not affected my LB that I purchased about a year ago at a discount store.

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I meant to say that my pathos looks really good with the bamboo, please excuse my typo..should have read "..not only look good...

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LB = Lucky Bamboo = Dracaena Sanderiana = NOT BAMBOO.

There is a Lucky Bamboo Forum.


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Kentuck..thanks for the feedback

I seem to recall that I was told that the "vine" was not actually a vine but a vine like species with a very tropical appearance. I think grape vine might be a bit too rugged for what I am trying to do.

Do you have any more information on the vine bamboo? Never seen any mention of it in all the bamboo books I have looked at.

thanks again

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RHIPIDOCLADUM racemiflorum - Slender culms grow up into trees; tips hang down as long vines carrying tufts of small light green leaves. Hardy to 26F.

There is at least one other that I read about some years ago, but can't remember the name, but I will keep searching and let you know what I find.


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