Help with Honey Bees In My Garden!

stellamoonyJuly 9, 2012

Please help me!

I started a garden about a month ago, and I love it. Now, things are starting to grow and bloom, and that's wonderful! I've been anxiously awaiting pollinators to come and do there thing, and about a week ago I started to notice the presence of honeybees. But, there's a problem. It seems that now, when they land on my porch (I live in a second story apartment, so I have my plants in containers.) they lose the ability to fly. And what's more, they just kind of walk in circles, clearly struggling to take off. After that, they just die because they're unable to move. After much observation, I realize, there's nothing on them (that I can see) and they aren't injured (wings/legs). I thought that it could just be the honey bees, but I noticed this happen to a ladybug yesterday, and when I woke up this morning a poor little bumble bee was stuck in the planter I just planted my onion seeds in. (I helped it by scooping it out-- I don't know where it went after that...)

There are a couple things that I've considered.

1) I sprayed my zucchini plants and my peppers with an EXTREMELY low dose of neem with water. I was very careful when I mixed them-- but was I not careful enough? :'(

2) I've been having trouble with ants, could than have -anything at all to do with this? :/

3) There's a huge tree right over my porch. It has little clumps of brownish yellow flowers that drop yellow petals/pollen down onto the porch and I sweep it almost every day to avoid build up. This tree seems to attract beneficials as well as wasps. The wasps aren't attacking them are they?

Please, if there's anyway I can reverse my possible mistake and/or prevent more deaths to these awesome little beneficials, let me know!



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Is the tree a Tilia tomentosa? Can you post a pic of the tree leaves? Some Tilia flowers can make bees "drunk". The nectar has mannose in it and it makes the bees crawl around under it. Tilia trees have round leaves with a point on them and serrated edges.

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