Should I cut it off

inuloverNovember 8, 2012

Winter has reared its chilly head. We might get a few more days in the 80s, but lots of 40 to 50 nights coming up. These are supposed to be Orinoco, but that's just a guess. Should I cut them down and bring them into the house to finish, or hold out for a few more warm days.


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they look pretty close to being done. I would cut them off and bring them in. put them in a brown paper bag or somthing on the counter and they should be good very soon.

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Better to not let ripen in the plant. When the first one starts turning yellow cut the whole thing off and ripen it indoors. If it ripens slowly outside it will get starchy and tougher. IMHO

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I'll probably be cutting my Orinoco soon, too. Five or six big 'hands' of fruit, but these haven't shown any signs of ripening/turning yellow - yet. WRT indoor ripening, does anything help, like an apple/ethylene gas?

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