beegood_gwJuly 21, 2008

Well I checked my two hives today and one has 2 shallow supers full of capped honey. Not bad considering I just got them as a new pkg this spring. The other hive always was slower but is getting there.

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sounds great. I've had pretty good luck with packages in the past also.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Beegood,.. this is good and fun!

Today, I have extracted 5 deep supers of 3 hives, [from my stronger 5 hives]
The hives I have wintered over, some with new queens from last years swarm did the best.
Have you tried wintering over?
Where are you located?...I see you're in the same province.

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Yes I have wintered . My last hive (I had only one ) was doing fine till late fall. I fed but began to wonder why the food wasn't being eaten or no bees flying around. I checked and every last one of them had flown off somewheres.This was in late September.So didn't have any bees last year and missed them here I go again. So far so good.I live north of Sherwood Park along the Old Man Creek.That was one nice swarm you got.There are hives down the road from me but I never see a swarm or even hear one.

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