Bees emitting light from nest?

KendraSchmidtJuly 18, 2012


I have a quick question about bees nesting in soil/underground. I recently discovered that bees are nesting in the ground under recently cut bushes. Each time I touch the area, they come out and look around, buzz about my ear a time or two (I'm usually running by then) and then go back into the decaying foliage on the ground.

I went out to look at them today and was positive that I saw some sort of light being emitted from their nest. At first, I only saw two or three, but as I stood there, I noticed a fourth.

Is this possible? My friend and I both saw it, so we're not imagining it...I read somewhere that these could possibly be wasps, but they look just like bees.

Any ideas on what this light was coming from their nest?

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Lightning bugs, aka, Fireflies? They eat small insects that might be drawn to decaying vegetation, and hide in the day, and when you stomp the vegetation, maybe they are lighting up. Bees and wasps, to my knowledge, do not have bioluminescence.

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If there is moldy old soft wood down there it could be fox fire.

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Is Foxfire the same as what we call Ghostwood? Something about rotted wood with phosphorus? I hadn't thought of that, but that is likely a better explanation.

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Yes I'm quite sure that is the same thing.. Both neat names aren't they?

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