Banana Tree - Perfect Conditions

stefficNovember 24, 2010

Hi everyone! What are the perfect conditions for planting a banana tree? And also, can I plant one in my flat? As in, inside? Or do you think that is a recipe for disaster? I have grown many things indoors already, I find it easier to regulate the temperature for example. But I'm completely new to banana trees!

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Not knowing where you live, it is hard to say. Bananas like heat and water. Plenty of both. Frost and cold are not your friends. With that I would plant in Spring when it is warm. Indoors is pot luck but as a first timer I would wait til spring. Good luck.

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yes you can grow bananas indoors, they may take a few years to fruit. grow a dwarf variety in a 10 gallon container. there are even super dwarf cultivars like truly tiny and little prince. just put them in the sunniest spot and keep them on the moist side.

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