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genesis2_8_9July 9, 2010

I have one healthy (6 months old) colony. This was started by introducing three brood frames into a new, empty hive. Now that the colony is going strong, can I start a second colony directly adjacent (about 1 ft) to the first by once again taking three frames from the center of the brood chamber and inserting them trading them for three empty frames from the new hive? I've read that its beneficial to switch the two hives also as bees will return to the same location. This is a sunny, warm location with winter temperatures normally well above 50 F. Bees produced a new queen in the first hive with-in a short period. Thanks for the help - Al

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txbeeguy(z8 TX)

Interesting question...and it may take someone from Hawaii to answer it. For most of the continental U.S., it's getting rather late in the year to be "starting" a new colony. Most likely it wouldn't have time to build up a sufficient population and gather enough food stores to survive the starvation of the winter months. But in paradise (errr....I mean Hawaii), maybe there is enough nectar and pollen available year round.

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