Please let me know if this is a 'bad' wasp

MojaveLove(5 - IL)July 17, 2011

We have three stacked plastic chairs on our tiny townhome porch as well as a bistro set that I frequently sit at. I think there has been a wasps nest being built inside the stacked chairs because tons of them keep going in and out and have been for weeks. I will be in my chair about a foot away and they do not bother me and do not seem to be concerned by me. I however don't really care to have them there, plus I want to move the chairs. I found that some wasps are "good" and are pollinators, so if that is what they are I don't know what I will do. If they are the "bad" kind that eats the other pollinators I want to get rid of them. Can you tell me what these are?

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These are yellow jackets and while they have their purpose, they are also aggressive and will attack until killed. If they were on my porch they would have to be exterminated ASAP. You can use many different products to get rid of them; however I use commercial products that are hard to find. If you are looking for a more eco friendly approach, you can check into silica. Just be aware that once you start bothering them, they will attack. Wear thick clothes and best of luck!

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

What commercial products do you use? I work for a company that sells industrial cleaning chemicals including bug stuff.

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I mix Tengard and Tempo wp and it knocks them out everytime day or night. They both disolve pretty quickly and have great knockdown. Just follow the instructions on how much to use.

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

Thanks! I feel bad but our porch is like, 4ft x 4ft lol

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Unless they start paying rent or will move with a little friendly discussion; sometimes you have no choice. I try not to kill them unless I have no other option, but am not going to sacrifice what I work hard to get for a free loader. "Pay your way or move on" is what I was always told. Best to you!

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That is one ugly mean looking yellow jacket. Get some wasp & hornet spray which turns to foam and when they are all home at nite spray every opening they use or even don't use and repeat if some are tuff enuff to survive which is very unlikely. To me they have no redeeming features. Mean, ugly and agressive.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Not a yellow jacket -- their antennae are black.

This is a paperwasp, Polistes dominulus. Looks very similar to a yellowjacket except that the connection between thorax and abdomen is narrow and the antennae have golden/orange segments.

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I stand corrected. But it is ugly and I would not want it that close to my house
Unlike yellowjackets and hornets, which can be very aggressive, polistine paper wasps will generally only attack if they themselves or their nest are threatened.[5] Since their territoriality can lead to attacks on people, and because their stings are quite painful and can produce a potentially fatal anaphylactic reaction in some individuals, nests in human-inhabited areas may present an unacceptable hazard.[
This was coppied off a wasp info site. So it's your call. would be history

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I stand corrected as well on the identification; however I stand behind my statement of getting rid of them and would not wait till they become very established in the chairs.

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