lots of bees in garden (not a swarm)

joellyn(CALIF)July 18, 2011

Yesterday I woke up to find several hundred bees flying all over my yard, and some of them were attacking my hummingbird feeder and some leftover hummingbird nectar that I forgot to take back in the house. They were very un-aggressive, so I left them alone, they finished all the left-over nectar and went away when the sun went down. This morning there they were again, all over the hummingbird feeder. This hasn't ever happened before that I can remember. They did not form a swarm, they were just flying around and competing for the food source. Might they be part of a swarm that has lost their queen, and just looking for food sources until they find another hive? I'm happy to see them, but I'm worried about them.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

No, they're not part of a swarm, a scout bee let the hive know
where the easy picking is and now you have allot more.
I would take the feeder down for a while or move it. It will take
a day or so to find it again. A bee guard is good to have, bees
can't reach down to get the sirup.
Somebody out there will get sugar honey.

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