Basjoo Banana Greenhouse Question

newbamboonutNovember 19, 2013

Hi all, I read through some of the previous posts on Basjoo Banana Trees and had a question as I am a first time owner of a little 4' fellow that I had shipped from Florida to Zone 7 on the Western slop of the Sierra Nevada mountains in CA where we live. Winter is approaching and we get a good amount of snow here but a real cold day here is generally only 15 degrees and that isn't all that common. I have a large outdoor greenhouse that I made this summer and I was wondering if I could grow my little 4'' banana tree in there all winter before putting him in the ground this spring. My question specifically is, in a winter greenhouse that only gets down to 25-30 degrees minimum will the Basjoo continue to grow all winter or does it go dormant? Ideally I'd love to feed it and try and put some size on it before Spring planting but since it's my first time with the banana tree I know nothing! :) Thanks for your insight here on overwintering this little man in the greehouse. All the best from CA.

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25=30 is too cold to keep it growing and at 4 inchs it prob won't even survive, If you want to keep it growing bring it inside and put it near your brightest window or add a small light if you don't have a good window for it. seems a 4inch plant could fit somewhere where it's heated. Later when its mature it will stand a 25 degree night or two with only losing its leaves.
if you want it to continue growing i would not let it get below 50 degrees ever and keep it at 60 or more most of the time over the winter.
the warmer and sunnier it is the bigger it will be in the spring!

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thanks!! i will take it out of the greenhouse tomorrow and put it in my south facing window above the heater vent inside. looking forward to planting it.

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