Bee identification

hrathburJuly 17, 2014

This large bee was attacking honeybees and bumblebees in our garden. It did not fly like a normal bee, it would stop and hover, moving more like a hummingbird. It was at least twice as big as normal honeybees, but smaller than a bumblebee. We have been unable to find any pictures that look like this bee and am hoping someone can help identify it.

Thank you!

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too me that looks like some type of bumble of course its very hard to identify bumbles, because, they have such a different pattern from species to species and there are at least 50 known species in the united states from coast to coast. Some of these bees are increasingly rare, and might be totally geographically unique, as well as unique behavioral traits.

Here is a link that might be useful: TheItalian Garden

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Looks like one of those Locust (Cicada) Eating Hornets. Here is a YouTube showing one (see link below) I'm having problems with them eating honey bees, maybe hundreds per day. There are more than I've ever seen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hornets...

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It is a solitary bee, probably genus Anthidium.

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