Neem trees?

DesertDreamer(9b AZ)September 30, 2005

So, was wondering if anyone grows this here? In CA, theres a few in some older neighborhoods, as well as in areas with a high Indian (SE asian, not native american) population. Good shade, fairly rapid growing, with TONS of uses. Can handle our heat. Anyone growing one? Sources?



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paperwhite(z10 AZ)

Well this is my second year with them. I have two in pots (one of them is a two year old one and all the others are one year old), the other two i have in the ground. They are growing at a good pace and hopefully they will take off next year. I planted both of them on the west side of the house, so they weathered the summer well now it remains to be see how they survive the winter.

I also recently planted a two year old tamarind tree that i grew from seed.

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There is a pretty large neem tree growing in the Glendale Xeriscape Demonstration Garden. Although they will tolerate dry, infertile soils here they do best when given adequate water.

The garden surrounds the Glendale Public Library at 5959 W. Brown Street. They have a cool audio tour you can take by checking out a handheld gizmo from the Library that will tell you all about the plants. Call (623) 930-3596 for more information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Neem Tree

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DesertDreamer(9b AZ)

Very cool. Now, anyone know of nursery where theyre stocked on a regular basis? I cant seem to locate any.

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paperwhite(z10 AZ)

I got them from which is based in Florida. Very reasonably priced.

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Paperwhite gave me one this spring. It is in a container North facing. It grew to about 6ft in one season. Looked great despite the heat. Now I have to see how it does in winter.

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You may be able to get seedlings at the Master Gardener's Fall Garden Festival on 10/22. One man is growing Silk Floss Trees, and he told me he was also going to try Neem seeds. If I hear from him, will let you know.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

Ooo - silk floss tree..... picture taken two weeks ago at L.A. aboretum.

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msliz_ga(zone 8a)

I have a 2 year old Neem tree growing in a pot. Kept it in the greenhouse last winter. If I plant it in the ground, will it withstand winters in zone 8A?

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How have your neem trees done with the winters in Arizona? I just planted four seeds in pots and am worried about the winters here North of Tucson. We sometimes get down to below 20degrees for a night or two every few winters.

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i've had two (one was killed by a well meaning old lady overwatering) the one i have now is in it's 2nd winter, but started wilting towards the end of the fall, don't think it got too cold though. it's been in a west window until recently now in a south facing window, and in our living space! wonderful tree with countless uses, a tree i recommend to EVERYONE! have been having issues since i brought it in for the season though, drooping leaves. have kept it properly watered, letting it dry out considerably just to sure overwatering isn't the problem. i mist it daily, yet it still looks droopy, and new growth looks wilted/ crispy.... any advice or thoughts on how to make it happy again. last winter and the couple winters i had my other one they seemed to suffer in the dry air and lower light, but not this bad! all my other plants could die and i wouldn't care as long as my neem tree's alive! also any advice on taking cuttings?

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I have some ready if anyone wants any neem trees

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I did a little research and it does have a lot of uses, but I am curious what uses are your reason for growing the Neem tree?

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i'll take one!

i bought seed last fall, only got one to germ and the fungus gnats took it out.

i'm in tucson, you mailing?

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would love to purchase a neem tree cutting if you still have any. Are the leaves of your neem serrated or smooth? Are you growing the mother tree in pot or ground, and do you have any frost issues?

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Has anyone been successful in sustaining a NEEM Tree (Tamarindus indica) in the town of Catalina around 3200' to 3300' elevation? Light frost here would be the one factor that is difficult, not to mention the winds that remove the blossoms before they can form pods.

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We have been growing Neem here in central Phoenix for 4 years now. Foliage is frost sensitive but comes back every spring. Healthy for you and a natural insect repellent. It keeps my tomatoes almost bug free. Very much an underrated plant.

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One thing to be careful about neem....Fruits/ vegetables growing in the proximity of a neem tree turn bitter. Very drought resistant tree

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I have not noticed not that. How close are your trees planted to your garden?

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