Top Bar Hive/mite experiences

flatlander(z6KS)July 9, 2009

I'm especially interested in any impact using a TBH or a foundation-less frame had on the varroa mites. I've been reading that the bees will naturally make a smaller cell and this helps them control the mites without medication. What has been any experience?

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lbgardenboy562(SoCal Sunset22)

Hey there, Flatlander...I wish I could help you with your question... I have not seen any evidence of mites in my top bar, after about five months.

But then, I am a new beekeeper with limited experience in examining hives. I've been into my hive a few times, but I try to leave the girls alone.

On your other questions, I had no trouble installing a package of bees and getting them to settle in almost immediately. They started building comb within days.

I fed them sugar syrup in a shallow margarine lid that I put in one end of the hive, just resting it on the mesh bottom. I used a long funnel to get the juice into the hive without too much disturbance. They would drink up an ounce or two of syrup every day.

I stopped feeding them a couple of weeks ago. They just don't need it in Southern California....most local beeks just give their bees a nice place to live and the rest if up to them.

They are sweet, gentle girls and I've having a good time just watching them. I presume there'll be some honey down the road, but that is not my primary interest...

Hope this helps a little.. Dick

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