Beginners beware! Stupid videos out there

mrtulinJuly 7, 2009

I just have to tell you about a UTube video I watched on putting in a queen excluder. Lord have mercy on anyone who does it this way:

particpants: a young shirtless man in black pants and an older man who is off camera

Said young man is standing in front of hive entrance to open hive.

Immediately gets stung at naked waist. After he swears, he murmurs something about wearing black pants when working with bees.

Gets the job done with no further injuries

Half naked bee keeper? Black pants?

This guy was an Adonis, which is I am sure why he was prancing around the bees with no shirt. I was just waiting for a bee to actually go down his pants so I could see the second act.

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"stupid is as stupid does" or something like that, I saw one Utube of guys in the buff opening a hive, it would bee funny if it wasn`t so STUPID

NEW BEEKEEPERS keep the veil ON!!! and your shirt :-)

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I should be specific. I was taught to always wear a hat and veil. I don't wear gloves anymore, and may not wear a long shirt or long pants when I'm just refreshing the syrup, but I know the risks.

And I always work from the back of the hive (the other end of the bee entrance) so I'm not a standing target for the guard bees.

I was told to dress in light clothing; dark clothing can aggravate the bees.

So: newbies: always wear a hat and veil because stings to eyes or lips are no joke

Don't face the entrance when working the hive

Wear light clothing which includes long sleeves and pants until you know the risks which is getting stings.

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honeyman, you had to have laughed at the video of the naked beekeepers. I know I couldn't help laughing. Marie, did you make it to the MA beekepers field day? Betterbee's is this saturday

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I was just going ask for the link. If can find the one with buffbeekeeper I'll post it.

No, I didn't get to the field day. I'll try and find the event you just mentioned.

I am so far behind. My second hive is ready for a honey super and I don't have one ready. I haven't had a minute to get the materials. Poor bees.

I was happy to see the honey super on hive 1 has bees in it. For no reason in particular I wondered if they'd actually find their way up through the queen excluder! I guess they know what they are doing.

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