did 'my' bumble bees die?

fairy_toadmotherJuly 2, 2005

hello! i had bb's nesting in my shed for the second time in three years. i cannot remember how long they nested before a new queen left the nest. is it that time? i haven't seen any activity lately. they were vigorously fanning not that long ago.


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I think nesting time should be over in your area, I have seen lots of new babies flying.

Where did they have the nest?...one time, they where nesting in my gloves in the shed.

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i was thinking/hoping that it was just the empty nest syndrome!

they nested between the exterior and interior wall of my shed/ old pigeon coupe. north wall, of course! their entrance was right above the top corner of the doorway. very convenient :)

this is the same entrance the bb's used two years ago. i thought they were there later in the season than this. they certainly had more activity than this years. i am worried b/c it has been very dry, it is an old nest that may have disease (?), and there has been pesticide sprayed (limited) and grain form sprinkled on the ground, as well as soapy water for individual insect control on veggies. i know that bees are extremely sensitive. i may just be overreacting since i simply haven't had the time to observe the activity in a few weeks. i have lavendar and echinacea which i know they like. also, lamb's ears which is just starting to bloom. oregano also just starting to bloom. i am not sure if they visit cilantro- pests leave this alone so it has not been sprayed with anything.

this spring i had a queen visiting a box in our garage continuously. i finally realized she was collecting fuzz off one of dh's hunting gloves made of that fuzzy flannel type stuff. i had to stand ground for her! last year, dh sucked a queen up in the shopvac thinking she was going to nest in the garage b/c she kept going in there. so, this ;year i told dh if he is so worried, put his gloves away where they belong and leave queeny alone! :)

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i think i hear a low humming sound in the wall, but i cannot be sure. i know i haven't seen them coming or going which i usually do. also, some sort of wasp was making too much noise in there for me to be sure.

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