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beckybabeAugust 7, 2005

I am not certain what I have here, but I was hoping that you guys could help me out. In the wooded portion of my yard, I picked up a small rotting tree root(it was on the ground, not in the soil), and underneath there was what I thought might be a hornet's nest. I saw many insects moving around because I had disturbed the nest, and I didn't stick around long enough to figure out if it was hornets, wasps, or whatever. It looked round and smooth like a hornet's nest, but it was just on the ground under a rotting piece of a tree root. I thought a hornets nest would be up off the ground. I need to do something about this nest, regardless of what it is, because it's on the ground and my kids play back there. I would say that the nest is the size of a baseball.

Any suggestions?



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amymcg(z5 MA)

Probably some kind of hornet/wasp. Go get some of that foaming wasp spray and wait till evening then soak them with it. Better to do it while it appears small.

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