Hippeastrum bukasovii Blooming!

joshy46013July 25, 2011

Hi guys!

Here is a very, very beautiful species blooming for me, Hippeastrum bukasovii, it's found in the Peruvian Andes. It's one of the most beautiful Hippeastrum, I hope you guys enjoy ;)

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Wow! It`s splendid!
Josh, gratulations :)
Hawe you 1 bulb or two? It`s possible to obtain some seeds?

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Oh Josh!! It is absolutely beautiful!! Now tell us.. will you be able to self it to reproduce more or will you need another plant? I'm sure you're going to do something exciting with it..don't you just wish the flowers would last forever..?!!

It is really really beautiful and I'm wishing I had one!! But, I may not have the right touch for these exotic species (papilio excluded)...my Mandonii isn't looking too good these days....


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.....and one more thing Josh..I'm so sorry you missed out on your trip to Peru..but hope this lovely flower makes you feel better and would you have missed it's blooming if in fact you had gone??

Donna again

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Great Job Josh! Would you tell us a little about its culture?

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

That is a nice one Josh. Is it from the fog zone or is this one that gets the stuffing baked out of it during the summer in the desert Andes? Honestly, I think if those that grow them well pass along good cultural info they would not be hard for anyone to grow, but for whatever reason many so-called "experts" prefer to keep things a bit more secretive. A great example of this is Worsleya.....at one point they were considered hard to grow, but the really great growers in OZ and RSA led the way and were happy to pass along info which made it so even a goof like me can grow, flower and propagate this plant.....just wish others were as generous as those growers have been over the years :o) Dan

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Hi, Josh, Congratulations! it's so beautiful that I have to look the pictures again and again. My bukasovii is seedling, now it has two slim leaves. How many years will it bloom from germination? three or more?

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These flowers are fabulous. They show some relationship to H.papilio by their shape and by the venation (strictly unbranched). I cross my thumbs, that you might obtain lots and lots of seeds after self pollination. Don't tell me the worst iow that it be self sterile! xDxDxD

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Hi Guys!

Donna, thank you for the compliments, it sure is a beautiful flower and I'm so thankful to have captured it blooming! Sadly most H. bukasovii plants are self sterile, I will try to self it anyway and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a fruitful outcome!

Pat & Dan thanks! Well, just a bit about the plant, it was collected on a very steep slope in shade with a bit of dappled light coming through the trees. It's found at a very high elevation of about 6,000 feet or so.

As far as I know it's been found only in this one location with a colony in the hundreds, it grows in a very organic matter primarily composed of leaf litter from the trees above. It's from a mild climate as most of the Andean Hippeastrum are with most rainfall in the spring and summer, they bloom quite early in habitat, usually late winter to very early spring. Don't mistake mild for cold, they do have very warm to hot days but the night time temps are much cooler.

I grow my bulbs in shade in an organic mixed composed of humus, perlite and orchid bark. It seems to like it and grows quite well, I've noticed that if it gets too hot the growth slows down quite a bit. I think the roots really prefer an airy mixture with a good gas exchange. Clay pots are probably a good choice for this plant.

Dan, I do agree that with proper education about plants that they can become much easier to grow, the problem with Hippeastrum is they have such a large distribution and each plant has very specific needs that must be met. While they're very forgiving in a sense it doesn't take long for them to dissipate if they're unhappy. Some Hippeastrum like cooler weather in shady locations while some like tons of heat in full sun as well as some from swamps, it just depends on the plant and each species should be looked at as a whole new idea.

Differentiating tropical from semi-tropical is very important in this genera!

Thanks Stephen, can't wait to see yours bloom!


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Ohhhhhhhh so BEAUTIFUL !!!

Well done Josh!

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Thanks for showing!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Thanks for the info Josh, sounds like many plants from the mountains and the only difficulty with many plants like this is in our climate we do not have cool enough evenings. Since a night time low of 70-80 with high humidity in July/Aug is not what they want they may sulk a bit outside. Other than that it sounds like a pretty standard plant from the mountains....this is the sort of info that is very helpful in growing these sorts of plants!!

I'd be shocked if it were self-fertile to be honest, but best of luck :o) Dan

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Hi Josh, the hippeastrum is absollutely beautifull. Just in case if you manage to have some seed I will be happy to have some (5 seed)it will be largely enought.

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Just stunning!

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Sorry guys, no seed this time :(

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Joshy, what is your potting media that you use for this species?

What other species do you grow?

I grow some hippeastrums species, but a lot of hybrids too!

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I grow this one in a pretty organic medium with really good drainage, the mix is as below:

1/2 Orchid Mix With Charcoal, Perlite, Orchid Bark
1/2 Humus With A Little Granite Grit

I grow about 40+ different species and varities of species and only about 10 or so hybrids. I grow many species from all over!

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Very good, I will keep you in mind for pollen exchange if interested. My bukasovii hasn't bloomed in a while but have a batch of mandonii and a different form of psittacinum that are near blooming size. I believe the psittacinum may be a hybrid, but cannot substantiate this until I see the flowers.

The bukasovii's I have are planted in a mixture of LFS, NZ bark, charcoal, pumice and redwood soil conditioner. They are planted in mesh pots and hung like an orchid plant using wire tongs that hold the pot edge.
Thanks for your input.

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brigarif Khan

What a beauty, thank you for showing

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rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)

Hey Josh--did you ever get seed from your bukasovii?


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