Save feral bees in California

DawgboyAugust 23, 2012

A close friend has started a petition here in California to change DHS policy from a kill policy to a relocate policy. Care to help us out?


Here is a link that might be useful: Petition

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I have been a long time bee keeper since my childhood, I live in Apple Valley Ca ,since incorporating they have banned bee keeping in town limits. I used to be avaliable for getting feral hives until they banned bee keeping . funny the town the next summer contacted me to remove a large hive from some property they owned and couldn't understand why i wouldn't do the job for them. I told them since i could no longer keep bees in the town there wasn't any reason to deal with bees anymore,and i certianly would not help them in any way shape or form since they had banned my hobby bee keeping. I would love to help save bees if i could keep hives in town,but everyone is afraid of them and killer bees so they just banned them.

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