Bamboo ID please?

gardener1(6)October 28, 2012

Does anyone agree that this is possibly P.Nigra Henon?

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It is either p. nigra 'Henon' or P. nigra 'Bory'. Only under certain growing conditions will Bory put on the tell-tale 'leopard' spots, otherwise they look identical except for size of mature culms.


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Thank You Kt I did not know that about P.Nigra Bory. Here's another pic. Theres also a p.a.aureocaulis in there.

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sorry here it is.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I'm voting for Henon. In my area, Bory always develops the spots sooner or later.

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I would say Henon before Bory also, but I just wanted you to know that Bory looks very similar to Henon.

For years, I was convinced that I was sent the wrong plant...Henon instead of Bory. I planted it along a creek and every indication was that it was Henon since there was no noticeable difference in the two groves.

I traded for some more Bory from a different source and it did the same until I planted some of both Bory's in pots. Soon after, each developed the spots, yet I am not sure why, and no one else says this about their Bory. Even today, when I look at the Bory grove, I have to look long and hard to find any splotches on the culms, and the grove has been there for over a dozen years.


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Thanks KT and Kudzu9. That's what I was hoping for. Although now i want some Bory. Man this stuff is so addicting. But I love everyone of my 36 different kinds. Here's another pic of my largest diameter cane 1 1/2 in.32 ft. tall(P.aureosulcata). Thanks again!

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