are you allergic to bee stings?

tonybeeguyAugust 23, 2007

Many people think they are allergic to bee stings because the area of the sting swells, sometimes quite a bit. Swelling from a sting is not an allergic reaction it's a normal reaction. You are being injected with venom and you will feel stinging, pain, and experience redness, swelling,warmness in the general area of the sting, and finally itchiness. The symptoms are confined to the general area of the sting or stings.

Allergic Reaction: This description is from "Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping" written by Dewey Caron, and published by WICWAS Press

.If you are allergic the reaction is widespread, typically "generalized itching and hives throughout the body, especially on parts of the body other than the sting site. Generalized swelling, especially swelling in the neck or face regions and difficulty breathing are also indications of an allergy. Individuals may have a wheezing sound, like they are gagging or show hoarseness in speech.Dizzyness or drop in blood pressure may also occur... The most allergic response,Systemic Reaction, occurs immediately and usually includes loss of conciousness. Such a reaction can be expected to occur in less than 1% of the population but this sting reaction may be fatal. The Large Local Reaction form of allergic reaction is less life threatening though complications like excessive swelling in the throat can cut off breathing." The treatment depends on the reaction. An oral antihistamine such as benadryl will usually help in the case of a large local reaction. For a systemic reaction adrenaline in the form of an Epipen is usually prescribed. Someone who is allergic should carry benadryl and an epipen at all times.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)


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I get this statement soooooo often!!! I am allergic!

When I ask where is your EPI pen 99% dont know what I am talking about,and another 50% tell me that it is in my truck, tackle box ect ect and some will pull it out of their pocket, they are the SMART ONES!!

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