Bees bearding around hive entrance

mountainman_bc(5)August 7, 2005

This hive has been doing this for a couple months- they are in three brood boxes and getting a super tomorrow. For some reason this one hive always beards, and has swarmed twice.

They seem to be fanning, but it is night time and quite cool out. I just can't figure out why they are fanning (and lickng the entance ramp??)

Any ideas what's going on?

My other hives never do this.

And you can hear them from 5-6' away!

Thanks for any help.

I was planning to take one brood box to another hive tomorrow to bring it down to a manageable two boxes + super.

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amymcg(z5 MA)

Sounds like they are crowded and have nothing to do. Is there a nectar dearth up there?

I would go ahead and split. Sounds like you have plenty of bees, put an extra super on each one.

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