Banana plants falling over

terrisoflaNovember 8, 2010

I have two groups of Dwarf Cavandish and live in Broward County near the Everglades. My trees did not bloom all year, I suppose due to the cold winter we had last year, but now are all blooming at the same time. I didn't count, but I would say there are about 10 bunches of bananas right now. I've had a problem for the last couple of years with the trees falling over when they fruit. Does anyone know why this happens? Would some fertilizer help? I also have black spots on leaves and fruit. Copper fungicide usually helps. Does anyone else have to spray their trees with copper? Thanks for any help...

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I did a little research since posting this yesterday and just in case someone else is having this problem one possible explanation for the trees falling is that they may be water sprouts. I haven't paid much attention to the bananas this year, so maybe some of the water sprouts grew up and are blooming now. Supposedly they are not as well attached as the sword suckers. Here's a picture of the two mats along with everything I just removed from them including the blossom ends.

I decided to give them some fertilizer and horse manure. Not sure if that's the right thing, but it's done.

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Nice Bananas! You might want to check out...

There are some good tips for propping up your plants.

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thanks wildforager,

That article was great. I guess this is a common problem and I need to get lots of PVC!!

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Great Banana plants!
How did you post the picture?

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Wow. My dwarf cavendish gets to half that size and grows bananas that are in smaller amounts. I live on a rocky landfill in west broward. I guess that doesn't let my cavendish grow as big as yours.
Just stake your banana plants to help them support the weight of the bananas.

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