Plants that don't attract BEES!

golfergalSeptember 15, 2007


We just bought a home in Goodyear, Arizona and we are in the middle of our landscape design. We would like a landscape that is NOT bee friendly. I am allergic and afraid of bees would like to know if there are any plants, shrubs, flowers...etc, that don't attract bees?? We would love to have some color with flowers and shrubs but we also realize bees like color. Can your help....any suggestions?? Thanks so much!

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yogi-gardener(9 AZ)

I am allergic to the little buggers too! I have noticed that I rarely see them near my hibiscus.. and they do so well here. The nurseries have so many different shades and colors right now, maybe you can find some that will work in your yard? Good luck!

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Thanks YOGI-GARDENER! I love hibiscus....what a great idea! That's exactly what I was looking for...something to add color without the BEE's! Thank you!

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I live in Colorado (zone 5) and my granddaughter lives in Washington (zone 7). We both cannot tolerate bees and yellow jackets, but love flowers and plants. What type of plants and flowers can we plant in pots outside. I love hibiscus also, but cant seem to make them grow in Colorado. Would love some help with this.

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it's way to cold in colorado for hibiscus i'd say try some of the more colorfull yuccas and agaves allthough they don't flower they can add a little color to ur landscape

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