Banana plants in storage

blownz281(coastal zone 8b)November 11, 2012

I have several potted nanners in a storage closet that's connected to our house. Ice Cream,Saba,Orinoco,Namwah,Siam Ruby,Red Abb. These are younger pups for insurance purposes in case we had a horrible winter and lost the large mother plants in the yard. Now I just want to keep them alive I'm not worked about growth.

Would they survive with a 13 watt spiral grow bulb and a 20 watt T8 grow bulb? Or two 13 watt bulbs? Or two 20 watt bulbs?

I have a shop light which can run two 40 watt T8 bulbs. Trying to save electric cost as much as possible. This is a very small closet 5f'L-5'H. Thanks

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I was trying the same with a few other types but all I ended up with was sad leaves and spider mites. I really think there best grown in a window with natural light or put to sleep for the winter. I had 2 50watt grow bulbs in a closet like yours but it was alot taller, maybe 8-9 ft so they wernt getting all the light.

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blownz281(coastal zone 8b)

Mike - Thanks for the reply. I was going to hang the shop light as close down to them. They are all two young to winter in the dark. The Red Abb is the only one that will survive the darkness,others would die.

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