Banana question.

knotz(8/PNW SWWA)November 8, 2008

Should I wait until spring to get a couple banana trees or is it ok to get them now and winter them over??..I'd really like to get ones that produce edible bananas.

Silly question, but want to know if it's worth getting any now.


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I don't think that's a silly question- I want to know too! I am just getting into them myself.. would love a response! Which ones are cold hardy here in NC zone 7b? I would love some that bear fruit also if possible..

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Many varieties of banana's however most are the same. They need bright light, water, and plenty of food to grow. Most people do not have the equipment to grow banana's indoors.
Some do well indoors, while most need to be outside in hot humid ,sunny conditions.

They are plants, to me they are small trees.

In a well lit sunny area of a home, a banana can grow. The results will not compare to growing them outdoors in the ground.
You can buy plants and store them in the home for the winter, and if you have bright light, then you can cheat by letting them grow indoors until spring arrives.
Banana's grow extremely fast, and they take up large amounts of room depending on species. Indoors, they may not grow as fast or as big, then again, if giving the right conditions, they can grow very large indoors.
The cold hardy banana's are called "Musa Basjoo", they are very hardy and are grown all over the world and in every state in US. They are not edible though.
Banana's that produce edible fruit are not hardy in cooler areas. That is why you won't see banana's growing along the road in Ohio, or Wisconsin, but in Florida you will see them.
You can cheat and grow indoors then put them out in the spring, however, the conditions in the North are surprisingly harder to grow a edible banana from start to finish. Not to say it cannot be done or it hasnt been done, its just harder to do.
Edible bananas need sun, room, and time to grow. Living up North does not allow simply because the season is to short.

If you have a large greenhouse, then you can grow all year.

My pick would be to purchase a Basjoo and place it in the ground when spring arrives. Then you can leave it in the ground over the winter by covering it up with chopped leaves. Then every year your Basjoo will get bigger and produce pups that you can separate or let grow along mom.

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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

Thanks miraclegrower, for all your help!!...I will take your advise.


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I have grown dwarf cavendish and red/green dwarfs inside just make sure they have plenty of light.

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