Bee's going in & out brick morter.. HELP!

tmillerAugust 12, 2007

I am glad I found this site and hope people still post replies. I just noticed that I have bee's going in and out of a crack in my brick. I assume there is a nest inside the wall. I see about 10-20 coming in an out all the time. Please don't get mad but I did spray with wasp and bee killer last night and this morning, but it did nothing. I will not spray again after reading replies that killing or spray is not good. I see there are many people who say I will need a bee keeper to come rip up my inside wall to get the issue resolved. Is this the case? What if I just let alone until winter? Will it still be warm enough for the nest to stay for bees all winter? Any help, more information or video needed, let me know. This is right near my backdoor, porch and grill. Thanks so much!

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The first thing to do would be identify what kind of bees they are then go from there. If they are honey bees you'll definitely need to have them removed by an experienced beekeeper because they will continue to increase in populationoverwinter and also fill combs with honey. In that case, if you were to just kill the bees ( which may not be legal depending on where you live) the honey would remain and eventually the ants would find it, and you'd have a new problem to deal with. Also, once a honey bee nest has been established, the site will be attractive for future bees. If they are yellow jackets or some other kind of bee or wasp, I'll let someone else with more knowledge give you advice. good luck

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How do I know the difference in bees? All I know is that they come in and fly out. Can you help me determine what kind of bee? Ill see if there is a dead one?


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In google, type "what's buzzin' in my garden" There are some good pictures of wasps and bees that may help you. If you have binoculars,or can borrow some, they work very well for observing the entrance at a safe distance

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after many pics they are yellow jackets. What next?

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First of all, I'd do a little research into yellow jackets as far as whether or not they overwinter and how big the nest will get. If they will only be there for a season, and they are in a place that will not cause a problem, (has anyone been stung or harassed by them) I would let them stay for the season, then repoint the bricks where they are entering, and the problem will be solved. All bees and wasps have their value, and don't always have to be eliminated. I do know that if they are in large cavity, you won't be able to kill them by spraying the entrance. Anyone else have experience with yellow jackets?

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They are mortar bees. look like wasps and I know a house where they went thro the air vents around the bottom of the wall/ Try rent a kill and they will spray all the places where they can be.

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