How do you divide banana 'pups'?

mersiepoo(6)November 3, 2007

I got two pups that are about 10 inches and 14 inches tall in the main pot, was wondering how I can divide them without hurting the 'big' banana? Thanks for any info! These are inside 'nanners so I don't want to overly stress them since it's getting cold outside. Thanks! :)

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

Personally for best results, I'd wait till spring when it gets warmer again. If you do it correctly, it wouldn't hurt now, but for best results, wait till the bananas are at their peak when it comes to growth. As for separating, the search box below is your friend. Here is a link for you tho! The first choice is a good starting point in the link below.

Separating bananas.

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I agree with garden guy. Wait until spring when they begin to grow vigorously. The momma plany will do better and the babies will take off growing.

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Gardenguy, thanks for the search link! :D Hopefully someday I can actually harvest real naners inside. Looks pretty easy to propagate, thanks again!

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The best explanation I've read in this forum is in the following thread.

Click the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Separate a Banana Pup

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