Ensete Maurelii Pups

rokal(LongIsland/z6b)November 3, 2011

This summer I decided to try an experiment and chopped down one of my Ensete Maurelii plants to see if I could get it to produce pups. It sat in the ground for about 4-6 weeks looking real sad but eventually started to send up pups.

Since we had our first frost last week, I decided to bring it indoors and put it under HID lights.

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sfhellwig(6a SE Kansas)

Congrats. Back when I was collecting bananas I had one of these that didn't make it. While reading up on them I saw a process of cutting down to the corm and making a trench down the middle. It yielded LOTS of really small "pups", looked more like tissue cultures. The other thing I read was something like cut the corm in half and plant it on it's side. Either way you seem to have accomplished what is supposed to be pretty difficult. Good luck separating them. Enjoy your Maurelli jungle!

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Didn't know they did that...Colocasia Thai giant either
but mine grew a shoot this summer,good thing too cuz it
was snapped in a windstorm!

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Colocasia Thai giant will send out pups without damaging the mother plant. This fall, I managed to separate about a 1/2 dozen Thai giant pups and bring them in for the winter. The mother plants were enormous and way too big and bulky to attempt to overwinter.

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