yellow grove

mphilips320(7)October 10, 2005

I had someone give me some yellow grove roots two years ago I planted behind my pond for a year there was just 3 little shoots.This year there are about 10 about the size of a dime.Tomarrow I am tossing some bunny poop back there will my bamboo ever grow ? or maybe I need to move it they are all about as big around as a dime.

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Chris_in_Central_PA(z6a PA)

Have faith. Bamboo is like an iceburg, a lot of the plant is down below. If it started as a few roots it will need a few years to build a robust unseen root (called rhizome in the case of bamboo) system before it gets going. If it gets sun (Yellow grove likes lots of sun), water and some mulch/compost/fertilizer it will grow.

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seattleboo(Everett, Wa)

I wonder about transplanted plants that don't appear to grow at all. I've got several like that, and wonder whether the part of the plant that was transplanted, hadn't played out it's root system rhizome, if say, it only had one rhizome? If you have 10 new shoots, that certainly isn't your problem ...

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Chris_in_Central_PA(z6a PA)

I don't have experience directly, but Hoosier recently explained to me that a piece of rhizome only has as many buds as it's born (well you know what I mean) with and even if you have a clum or two you can end up with a "living stick" a bamboo with no buds to turn into new rhizome system.

Mphillips has a some new growth, so I suspect another year or two will give good growth (with food, water and sun).

I did see a YG plant that consisted of 5 or 6 small (4' tall)clums in NC that was on top of a dry ridge, owners said that's all it ever did. Soil was rocky and poor, little water.

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just wanted to say boy was this baby hiding.This year we looked up and there was yellow grove everywhere.Even poped up in the pine forest behind me some 20 feet away from my patch.It still isnt very big around yet.Yellow grove my not be that big around but it is sure spreading by leaps and bounds.

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The shoots that come up on any given year never grow any larger after their initial growth. They don't get fatter or taller they just put on new leaves from time to time. The shoots that follow in later years might be larger than the present ones but they to only grow once. All in all it just takes time for the grove to mature with (hopefully) larger shoots coming up every year.

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