need help....banana pole?

dino1November 6, 2006

please help....i had a healthy dwarf ornico in a pot in the house, that was about 5' tall. it was devasted recently., not by pests but my 3 year old son. he cut all the leaves and part of the top off. what can i do to make it come back?

do i store it away for winter the way it is and hope it comes back, or can i do something now to save it.

do i cut it all they back?

i also have it under a grow light so it gets plenty of light



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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Yes. If it is indoors, warm and has good light (gro light, for instance) keep it watered and fertilized, and it will be fine. Or store it as is, and it will come back in the Spring. There is no need to trim any further, except for dead material (brown or yellow) or rotting spots (black, squishy).

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Remember, bananas grow from the underground corm.
You can keep it warm and it will just start making new leaves. Your original pseudostem may or may not survive, but the corm would most likely produce a new pup to replace it.

Or you could store it dormant: cool and dry.


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thanks for the new to this, but loving them!
i cut the top off clean, and noticed its trying to send up new growth.

will this be a new leaf??


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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

Yes, it's a new leaf. I myself do purposely cut off the leaves on my bananas during the winter to store them under the house. You can cut a banana any way you want, but rest assured the plant will grow back just fine. The most important part of a banana is the corm, which is a bulb like structure at the base of the plant in the ground from which the banana grows from and also, the roots grow from.

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