Need tips for green fruit to ripen inside

nychris(7b NC)November 8, 2005

OK...The weather has held up nice up to this point here in NC....80 degrees today and tomorrow,so this weekend i will be digging up all my plants..I have two nanas that fruited this summer..My Ice Cream and an Unkown nana...The fruit is still green..I think i read something one time about cutting the stalk and bringing inside and putting the cut end in a bucket of water? until they ripen?

Anyone have any ideas?

My icecream has 5 hands with about ten nanas on each. they are about 4 inches long

My unknown i'm not sure if it is a cooking nana or a fruit nana but the nanas are much bigger probably around 6 t0 7 inches and much fatter

Thanks for the help

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I called my friend Jack here in town, he just digs his plants up and leaves the bananas on them and stores them dormant.When he digs up the plants, he puts the roots in a plastic trash bag and then puts them in the dark garage. They go ahead and ripen up, but it takes them a while. It does pull a lot of the energy out of the plant. He said to cut off the bloom if it's still on there so it doesn't try to set more fruit. One of the rajas you sent me got huge this summer!

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i leave mine before first frost or until they're plumped up.
then cut down and hang in kitchen till they yellowish ..
on ice cream can't remember if they need black before done are not. try a yellowish soft one first, if done then that's it.. if not let them get some blackish to them. like store bought going bad..

i tryed the water gig and just wasn't worth the extra effort.

Here is a link that might be useful: banana pics

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Where are my bananas?? I sent you a box full of plumeria almost 2 months ago. AT YOUR REQUEST. You initiated the trade you should live up to your end.

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