Kudzu VS. Bamboo

joefalco(z8 MB SC)October 14, 2006

I was driving back from a trip today through Mullins SC. There I noticed some very large culm bamboo on the roadside. It was COMPLETELY covered in Kudzu.

It was a shame to see all this nice bamboo covered in KUDZU. God I hate that stuff. I guess I am just lucky not to have any in my yard.


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I was wondering what that crappy vine was.. it took over a maple, got in my boo and now got into my wisteria. Will get rid of it this winter and replant it far away in the spring when it pops back up. Stuff is very hard to get rid of and pull away from the plants it surrounds..

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Bernard_Bruxelles(z7 Belg)

The most cost effective solution to get rid of kudzu is cattle.

If you have goats & sheeps ( & cows...)on the area in the spring, enough of them, they will eat them down. (but also kill all trees, new boo growth,... )

The reason the prairie was covered by grass in the past is cattle. They destroie everyting but grass.

As boo clums will stay for years, Cattle with little help will do the job.

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Unfornately I cant put a cow or a goat in my backyard, I live in the burbs..

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I recently purchased some property that had about 2ac totally covered with Kudzu. For the areas that had desireable trees underneath I needed to come up with a solution. My solution is: Since cutting the one inch thick stems and putting a few drops of stump killer was not enough. I cut small squares (1/2) of a regular sponge, and cut the fingers off from some of my latex gloves.

I cut the stem about one foot from the ground, placed the small sponge in the finger, then added about ten drops of stump killer and let it soak, then stretched the finger around the stem and pulled it tight. The seal of the latex kept the stump killer against the stem so it could soak it up. I came back one year later and have not found any of these roots that survived. let me know if this works. and if you patent it, send me some $$ :)

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Find the main shoots and spray it with Roundup fully concentrated. I killed all of my kudzu in two years. Its not that big a deal if you stay after it. Got a great deal on my property because of it.

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