Mint honey?

tapewormmaki(z5 IL)August 25, 2004

I know there are a lot of kinds of plant-specific honeys. Well the other day I saw a lot of bees on mint in my yard and was wondering if there was such a thing as mint honey and if so what it tasted like. Maybe a stupid ? but it sounds good.

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Not a stupid question. But when you consider how little mint there is, and that it is mixed in with all the other wildflowers, it probably goes by unnoticed. There might be such a thing in the Yakima, WA area where hundreds of acres of mint are grown, but mint is not that concentrated elsewhere to be noted in the honey.

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ccrb1(z5 IND)

Spearmint honey is available from Northern Indiana. Indiana is one of only a few states where mint is grown commercially.

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tapewormmaki(z5 IL)

Omg, that's cool I live near Chicago- I was just passing through northern Indiand. I hope it's as good as it sounds.

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Howdy Tape --

In 1937-1938 I worked for a commercial beekeeper in
Texas where there was a lot of wild HorseMint. It gave a
good distinctive taste to the honey. Much later I bought a jar packed by a company south of Dallas. It had the same
taste. Don't know about present conditions for this mint.


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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

"Spearmint honey is available from Northern Indiana. Indiana is one of only a few states where mint is grown commercially."

Say ! I live right across the Michigan border with IN. I haven't seen the Spearmint Honey though.

I like the Laney Farms honey, from Indiana. They have ... 10 varieties? My actual favorite of theirs is Dune Country Honey. It's supposed to be from bees that feed on wildflowers growing along the shores of Lake Michigan.

It's medium-light in color, with a burst of sweetness like sunshine on the tongue and a mysterious deep mellow aftertaste.

The only honey I've had that compares with it comes from only 4 miles away. A fellow that lives in Edwardsburg, Michigan.

His bees made some powerful honey last year. It seems there was a dry spring, and the bees had to feed on flowers from fruit trees like Apple and even Walnut.

The result was a deep, nutty honey, dark and rich.

Now I check honey for color, looking for deep amber rather than light colors.

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ccrb1(z5 IND)

you can get spearmint honey from Laney as far as I know, is a packer and not a producer much anymore. He buys or imports honey. I don't know if he blends, but he is mostly packing as far as I know.

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Laney DOES NOT import honey!!!

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I have mint honey, and orange blossom, clover, purple sage, and ten other types (I sell some).
Mint is very dark--almost black. There are many other "dark" honeys I prefer. The mint is really strong-tasting. Most people I've had try it think it's too strong. It has a slight taste of mint but mostly it's musky. I found this post while searching for medicinal properties of the mint honey as it is so pungent that it must be extra rich in something.
Clover rules! Orange blossom is my favorite--I'm from Miami Fla.
Raw honey is a great investment as it never spoils (if kept under 110 f. It does crystalize though--I like it solid as it's easier to use and it tastes the same when it melts it your mouth or over oatmeal, ect.

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There most certainly is mint honey. It is white. It is delicious. It is a rare treat. I knew a beekeeper in Tennessee, the Reverend Archie Stapleton, may he rest in peace, who slung his own honey. One fall day we were slinging a hive's production, and after slicing off the tops of the cells on a frame, he showed me a patch of the honey that was of a much lighter color. He dug some out with a spoon and said, "try that, its mint." Indeed, the bees, during the season had found a blooming mint patch for a few days; and among the sourwood, blackberry, and other varieties, there it was. The flavor, like that of a truffle, is unforgettable.

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