swarm or no swarm

jakeman(z6 pa)August 28, 2004

please give me any advise for the last week from 3 of my hives the bees are in a swarm but they keep coming back to the hive .WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

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Well, have you looked at them to see what is going on? There are such things as false swarms, but they usually precede the real thing by only a few days. Do you mean that thousands of bees pour out of the hive at once, then their excitement subsides and they are returned to the hive a couple of hours later? We always called them false swarms and it usually meant that the queen wasn't quite ready to fly. On a few occasions they never did swarm, but most of the time a swarm would erupt 3-5 days later.

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Merops_apiaster(Cadiz (Spain))

Probably it is not a swarm, because swarms come back at the hive when the queen can´t fly (if you have cut a wing).
If your bees are flying in the evening around the hive perhaps are cleaning the intestines.

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