Dwarf Myrtle questions

gem1(w.phx 9)September 24, 2005

I know several of you have had a problem or two with these.

My question is about watering. I know they do not like wet feet, but how often do they need to be watered?

I have planted a small hedge row, and have not yet added to my drip system, as I do not want them to get too much water. I am hand watering every few days and they seem to be okay at this point.

Can you guys tell me how often and how long you water these, both in summer and winter?

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Okay, I know I posted an answer about an hour ago and now it's not here? So if it shows up...sorry for the duplicate. The 5 gallon I just bought @ Summer Winds says water 3 x's a week. I'm sure you could get by with less in the Winter ;)

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gem1(w.phx 9)

Thanks G.T. - A year or so ago I planted some ( in a different spot). As soon as I planted we got some rain, and my myrtles were in a low spot - I think they got too much water! So,I was concerned, but sounds as if I can hook up to my existing drip which waters 3 x's a week in summer. These are planted on the high side of a slope, so hopefully won't have the same problem.

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I have a large dwarf myrtle, about 8 feet tall and 10 feet in width. I don't water it at all. Its in my rocks and its center is about 8 feet from the grass, so I'm guessing it gets what it needs when I water the grass.

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Yeah, myrtle is a Mediterranean plant is is pretty drought tollerant. It's pretty comparible to Italian cypress and rosemary in that sense. It should to great with a deep watering once every 1 or 2 weeks during the summer and maybe none at all during the winter depending on how much winter rain we get. If you're using is as a hedge you want to keep it healthy looking but don't want to encourage a lot of lush growth that you'll have to keep trimmed. Dwarf myrtle is one of the few plants that makes a beautifullly green hedge here in Phoenix that doesn't get burned up in the summer. Since it naturally grows tall unless it's trimmed you can even train it into a tree. They make really neat looking, twisting trunk trees-almost look like an olive. BUT, they drop hundreds of these little blue fruits all over the place that make a mess. If you keep it trimmed in a hedge you don't have to worry about the messy fruit.

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