Where to buy trees?

mikerizzle9September 25, 2012

I live in East Mesa and am curious who you do/don't recommend for quality/price/selection... Also, feel free to give recommendations for species.

I'd like an evergreen tree for shading my west facing sliding patio door. Fast-growing since I don't plan on being in the house for much longer than 5-10 years. Not huge, because there is only about 30 feet between my orange and pecan tree, but the sun beats right through that slot from June-Sept.

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Chinese Evergreen Elm tree, but many do lose their leaves in the winter depending on how cold it gets.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

If you can wait until October, I'd recommend shopping at the Desert Botanical Garden fall plant sale. It's held on the 19th-21st, with the 19th being members-only (another good reason to become a member!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Desert Botanical Garden sale

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Pagan, how are the prices for trees there!? I think I can wait, and I think I WILL get the Chinese Elm so thanks for the suggestions.

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

If you don't find what you want at DBG, I recommend A&P Nursery. They have two locations in Mesa and one is pretty far east. Locally owned and very knowledgeable people on hand to answer questions. Where I will **never** shop again: Moon Valley Nursery. Bait and switch ads and used car salesmen tactics.

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The Lindsay/Baseline A&P is my primary nursery, it's so close and the young guys working there are very helpful and friendly though I haven't tested their knowledge very often

As far as Moon Valley, I've haven't gone there since I heard they were commission based. I stopped one time when they had a bunch of clearance plants by the road ($5 roses) and some lady came strolling out handing me all these garbage roses telling me they looked fine. See ya

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

Many, many years ago, Moon Valley started having various workers plug the nursery here on AZ GW under assumed names. I haven't looked back once.

I also hate that they so heavily market (or did at one time) the Indian Laurel/ Ficus trees ... lovely as they are, they're water guzzlers and many people lost a huge investment in time and money when they got deformed in a cold snap.

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I really like TreeLand Nursery in Mesa. We have had great experience with their trees and plants over the years. I have 2 lovely Southern Oak trees in my front yard now.

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Im currently looking for trees myself. I was duly impressed with Treeland. Every tree has a computer printed tag that lists the relevant info: price, growth rate and size, frost level, etc. Best of all stores when it comes to self-service, plus their folks seem knowledgeable. Next Id say its Whitfill nursery on Southern and 32st (this is their tree location). I looked at A&P but most of their trees were 15 gal or 24" box trees, i wanted bigger. After two tries at Moon Valley I can say without a doubt I will never buy from them again. As someone else posted, they might work on commission and that would explain a lot of the BS i dealt with there when I didnt know any better. I asked up front and at least at Treeland and Whitfill they do not work on commissions.

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