huge wasp-know what it is?

buttercupia(zone4 IA)August 5, 2004

Someone told me about a bunch of huge wasps they were contending with...about 3 inches long, and I couldn't quite believe the story...then, yesterday I was looking at a ruby spice sweet shrub and saw, you guessed it, a huge and yellow with large brownish wings - the lower body alone was an inch long and quite fat-pointed at the and smooth, with yellow stripes. I was surprised, though still not sure these are something to fear...anyone know what these are? Should I be concerned?

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crabjoe(z7 MD)

They are insects and you can be concerned if you want. That's up to you. All kidding aside, I think your looking at a hornet.

Did it look like that?

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buttercupia(zone4 IA)

No, it's not a hornet...I just looked up "largest wasp" and found that it was a female midwest cicada wasp...says they're around an inch and a half long...sure seemed bigger than that. They are normally not agressive, but can bite if threatened..or if pushed. They eat if there are more locusts than usual, more cicada wasps. See more pictures and information if you wish at:

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actually they dont "eat" cicadas they lay theiir lavae
in the body of a cicada and the larvae matures while in the cicada .
if you will go back a few pages you will find a similar thread about cicada killers and a picture of one.

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buttercupia(zone4 IA)

Well, thanks for the correction...I guess the little wasps eat the cicada then? Maybe they absorb it...sounds like science fiction....

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Sounds like it would be a drag to be a Cicada.... :)

IA Z5a

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kibuyu(zone 9 AZ)

If no-one has figured it out yet, this is not a wasp or hornet at all, but a moth! The hornet clearwing (Sesia apiformis) mimics a hornet but is of course totally harmless. However, it wants you to believe otherwise and leave it alone!

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