Two Queens

RjantzAugust 3, 2011

Two weeks ago I checked my hive and found a new queen,I didn't see myy old queen at the time. I assumed that there was a swarm that I missed. Today, two weeks later I checked the hive and found the old queen (which was marked) and the new queen walking around on the same frame. I didn't notice any drones in the hive. Is it time to split the hive or let them figure it out themselves. I live in central Florida so there would be plenty of time for the new colony to build itself up.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I would leave it alone and not split....unless you have spare time on hand, then you can see who is doing what, one queen might not do so good and then you have to combine.
How was the brood pattern?

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Bees try to keep the queens apart until the old one gathers a swarm and leaves. This is a natural action.

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kill the old one, off with her head.. put another deep on top and let er rip.

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