Hive for the Home Garden

sharona1949(8)August 5, 2012

I live in a residential area and over the past several years have noticed that there are very few bees coming around and not surprisingly I have seen a decline in much of my garden's production over time. I considered putting a hive in my yard to help with pollination but am concerned because the county is so agressive in spraying for mosquitos the bees would just get killed off. The spray truck comes right by my house once a week during the summer. Maybe that's part of the reason why I see so few bees around anymore. Anyway, what do others think? Does it make sense to put a hive in the garden or will the mosquito spraying end up killing the bees anyway? Or is there a way to protect the bees from the mosquito spray?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

You might want to check with the local bee keeping club and find out.

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Can you find out what chemicals are bring sprayed? Perhaps the local authority had the good sense to use a targeted insecticide.

And can you opt out of spraying, somehow?

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When I lived in north central Montana they sprayed for 'skeeters'. They used a spray that caused the females, the ones that bite, to lay infertile eggs. Thus the wouldnt hatch
and didnt harm humans. You would have to find out if it would effect other insects, or even what they are indeed spraying.

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