juliehardingAugust 11, 2010

I am phobic of stinging insects. However, as an avid gardener I understand the importance of pollinators and I try to temper my extreme phobia (for myself and my 2 year old) with a knowledge of the bigger picture.

That said, here is the issue:

A wasp or hornet (what's the difference?) has spent a good deal of the afternoon flying into one of my window frames from the outside. With the glass between us, I have observed this with curiosity. This industious fellow (or fellows) has carried sticks and other items at least 4 times the length of its body UP INTO the framing of my house or window. This is in our family room, the only room in the house that does not have new windows. I am getting a bit panicky about their presence since (1) I don't know if they are doing damage to my house (2) I don't know if they are getting into my house and (3) I spend a good deal of time outdoors (when it's not 95 like today) and I am having a big outdoor party this weekend.

Do I need to get rid of them? Do I need to worry about my house? And what do I do next?

Please help me.



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Solitary nesting bees are very seldom trouble:


Here is a link that might be useful: bee link

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