Ensete Ventricosum and Low Humidity

Maquiaveli(8b)November 25, 2013

Hi, I have created for myself a little garden of sorts in my office (as you can see in the photo). Among the plants I have are some ensete ventricosum and ensete glaucum, all of which I grew from seed in my office (probably not the best use of company time!).

Recently, I've noticed a number of the leaves on my ensete are basically collapsing (see the second photo in the follow-up). I'm wondering if this is normal or a sign of excessive dryness or something else. As we're heading into winter, the humidity in my office is dropping to as low as 10% (inside temperature is peaking now at about 25C, give or take). I'm trying to mist the plants several times a day; I'm keeping them on humidity trays; and I plan to get a humidifier soon.

Does anyone have any idea if the folding leaves is a sign of dryness, lack of water, or something more serious? Or, perhaps this is just normal. I'm a bit concerned because I haven't seen them do this previously, and I really want these guys to survive the winter months (temperature inside will get as low as about 12C when they turn the heat off on the weekends). Any thoughts or tips?


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Here is the second photo.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

That's great!

What other plants do you have in there?

If I had to wager a guess, Id go with lack of light.
Just a guess though, etiolated foliage is wimpy and weak and can't hold it's self up...
Not that your plants look bad at all, they look great.

That window is no doubt uv treated glass, it cuts down the light big time, they look tinted on top of that.

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Hi, thanks for the response. I hadn't considered lower light levels. It makes sense, though. Now that we're going into winter, the sun follows a lower path in the sky and I've noticed much less sunlight in my office as compared to the summer months. Also, the leaves seem, in some cases, to be fading a bit, which, I understand, is also a symptom of low light.

Aside from the ensete glaucum and ventricosum, I have jacaranda mimosifolia, strelitzia nicolai, trachycarpus fortunei, delonix regia, and tamarindus indica.

Hoping to get them through the winter. They'll be going through the roof next season if they survive!


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I grow my Ensete out side in 15 gallon pots. It is very dry here in the summer with almost no humidity. MIne always seems fine with a good leaf wetting while watering once a week, so your misting should be fine. Not much to add just wanted to day i appreciate your pics. Doing great!

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