Is my bamboo dead?

potty(7long island)November 25, 2012

I live in Long Beach NY and as a result of Sandy my bamboo and the rest of my house were inundated with 4 feet of sea water. The leaves on the yellow grove have since dried up but the stalks are still green. Anyone know if it will make it?

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Give it time and see what happens. The sea water will kill the leaves and more tender parts of the plant, but it will most likely grow back from the roots/rhizomes.


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The size of your shoots next year may be comprimised, but if you have yellow groove, I'm pretty sure it will bounce back with plenty of new shoots next spring. This species seems to store most of its energy in its rhizomes so it shouldn't be a big deal if the top part gets badly damaged.

with YG, you should probably be more concerned with how far the rhizomes have traveled underground, and make sure they aren't already in your neighbor's yard because it is known to a a fast runner, especially in a mid-Atlantic climate.

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It's good to hear that you made it through the storm even if some of your bamboo didn't.

Most likely it's the result of direct contact with the salt killing off the foliage. With that much excess salt now in the soil though it may be a good idea to use Gypsum to counteract it. I would ask you local garden center for more information and directions on applications. Gypsum will also not pollute or harm other plants.

Your plants will most likely look pretty shabby and may not put on many leaves next season. My suggestion is to cut them down which will encourage more canes to grow in the spring. A hand lopper from Home Depot will do the trick just make sure to cut them off at the base and straight across as to not leave any sharp canes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gypsum Use in Salty Soils

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