Another yellow jacket question and some advice.

workingcomputers(8 WA)August 5, 2005

I have an Italian plum tree no fruit this year yet. The yellow jackets and black hornets swarm this tree. They are concentrated on this tree only. The tree is in grave danger of a madman with a chainsaw, "me." I put out the bottle of honey syrup water and am waiting. Calling local garden shop for advice. I have found by chance however that the orange cleaner is oil based and kills yellow jackets as well as any chemical spray. Any suggestions on the Italian plum tree my wife wants it to live but my chain saw is hungry.


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amymcg(z5 MA)

By swarm do you mean they just hang out at the tree all day or are the hornets building a nest in it? Do you only want to cut it down because of this? Is it in good health otherwise?

If they are building a nest. You can do one of two things, try some sort of chemical or orange oil to wipe them out, OR, get a big garbage bag, put it around the nest, cut the branch they are attached to and seal up the bag and leave it in the sun for about 3 days. That should bake them.

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I have noticed 3 dark circles, forming a triangle, on the head of yellow jackets, bees,cicada, can you tell me what these are?. If there is a charge for this, forget it.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

You might want to get advise on the fruit & orchard forum.
It seems the tree has aphids under the leaves, wasp and hornets feed
on these, milking the secretion or eating these,..which would be a good thing,
several soap spry under the leaves with a hose adapter can work, more
info would be helpful.

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