Deep Root Feeding

elysaw(z7 OR)September 27, 2009

Since our trees are not looking so good we thought we would get them deep root fertilized. Our neighbor had his done and didn't see any difference in his trees. What is everyone's opinion about this. Would it work to buy the tree spikes and drill them down into the roots? I would like to hear from anyone that has had this done. And yes we have queen palms. Thanks for any help, Elysa

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Queen palms need special fertilizer in this area to give them the minerals they need ... "palm tree fertilizer".

Light, frequent fertilizing with it, and regular, infrequent and DEEP watering is all you need to do.

Queen palms really HATE Arizona.

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I'd discourage you from using the fertilizer spikes. They tend to concentrate the fertilizer in one area and can easily burn the roots of plants. A better idea is to use a granular product and broadcast it near the drip line (edge of branches/leaves) and water it in well.

The element Queen Palms need most to prevent collapsing or distorted leaves is manganese (not magnesium). It's included as a micronutrient in the palm fertilizer that lazygardens mentioned.

Remember, these palms are tropical and have real issues with our salty water, salty soils, drying winds and freezing temperatures.

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